The ‘Regional Exchange Information System (REIS)’ is an open and multidisciplinary platform for EU islands, in which regional stakeholders, policy makers, sector rulers and practitioners can interact, and propose new ideas of collaborative work and engagement activities with scientific communities to fight against climate change.

REIS platform aims to facilitate networking, not only in support of regional adaptation policy design, but also to promote the mainstreaming of the outcomes into the EU Adaptation Strategy. Hence, REIS platform offers a huge opportunity for all islands to intensively discuss and establish a benchmark for adaptation to climate change and Blue Growth.

The Adaptation Support Tool for Islands allows stakeholders to access specific knowledge in regard to physical impacts, non-market and socio-economic consequences of climate change for 12 EU islands case studies. Alternative viable adaptation pathways that can be implemented in these islands are also proposed. The final ranking of adaptation measures is framed by the geographic, economic and social context of each island and allows a level of detail relevant to ensure that each island’s specificities are taken into account.